In the early days of pursuing a new way to make a living, Shawn Dahl thought his primary goal was to earn a steady monthly income.  He had been a real estate agent who earned money only if a house sold.  He knew life had to change if he wanted to get married and support a family.  What he did not anticipate was the sheer joy of getting up early and playing with the children.  Shawn Dahl’s routine had always included a rushed morning routine before heading out the door for a long day at the office.  His work-at-home opportunity with Herbalife allows him the flexibility to work as the family schedule allows.  He and his wife, Nicole, strive to spend most of every day with their children.  On beautiful days, if the family wants to venture to the zoo, the work can be completed later.

Great friends and the extended family members are part of their lives each week.  Shawn Dahl loves to offer his help to the people in his life who have invested so much in his success over the years.  His work allows him to participate in his hobbies and outdoor sports during the day when other people have to work their traditional jobs.  Snowmobiling, fishing and biking used to be weekend activities, but now his flexible hours allow him to play when the weather is gorgeous.  Shawn Dahl looks forward to the time when his children will be old enough to do those things with him.

Shawn Dahl loves to work with other people.  All of his efforts to make money are focused on helping others who might not be as fortunate as he is.  Since his work schedule is flexible, he is able to participate in charitable events and fund raisers that require more than monetary contributions.  Part of the reason that Shawn Dahl enjoys working with others is the opportunity to help them achieve their dreams.  His children get to see his efforts to give to others, and he wants them to do the same as they get older.

He knows that those who have many blessings are expected to use those resources wisely.  All of his success has allowed him to spend a great deal of time with his family and to give to others.  Whether he is in his own community or traveling with the family, he knows that there are many people who simply need some encouragement to dream big and pursue their dreams.